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Hollander, est. 1934

For almost 80 years, Hollander, LLC has provided easy-to-use tools that enable automotive recyclers to streamline processes and increase efficiency, make additional sales and boost profitability. It all began during the Great Depression, when Roy Hollander and his wife Hildur compiled a list of interchangeable auto parts. That list became The Hollander Interchange®, which to this day remains the most widely used database for identifying interchangeable automotive parts.

As the auto recycling industry grew and changed, Hollander continued to innovate. In the 1970s, Hollander provided the first computerized interchange database. This was followed by HYMS™ Yard Management System, the first computerized system that provided parts interchange look-up, visual aids to accurately identify parts, inventory tracking, and data exchange with salvage yards’ inventory.

In 1993, Hollander released EDEN®, the first automated parts-locating network that connects auto recyclers in the U.S. and Canada. EDEN provides recyclers with access to more than 194 million parts from a trusted network of providers and the ability to display their own inventories to a much wider audience. In 2010, Hollander launched e-Link™, which allows recyclers to automatically generate eBay listings and sell products across the globe. 2013 marks the launch of HollanderParts.com™, an online marketplace, connecting buyers and sellers of high-quality, affordable recycled parts to use for repairs.

Just as it was almost 80 years ago, Hollander today remains committed to providing the high-quality products automotive recyclers need to increase their business success.

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